Whilst some Natural Stone tiles are suitable for outdoors the majority are for indoor use. We offer a wide range of colours, textures and finishes across our whole natural stone range achieving a result that will reflect your own personal taste and that’s sure to add classic definition to your scheme.

There is a beauty in natural stone when features such as fossils and fissures are retained that simply can’t be imitated and our comprehensive selection includes slate, marble, limestone, sandstone, basalt, granite, travertine and quartzite, all sourced from only the best suppliers with secure ethical policies

  • Ca Pietra Bruges honed natural stone tileCa Pietra Baobab Elemstone honed honeyCa Pietra Antique terracotta reclaimed tilesBeltrami stone skin split face slate natural stone tilesOyster split face slate natural stone tilesCa Pietra Naturalis honed natural stone tilesCa Pietra Lunar tumbled natural stone tilesCa Pietra long island marble honed natural stone tiles
  • St Arbois limestoneCa Pietra Metropolitan slate pewter natural stoneCa Pietra Hazlebury tumbled natural stone tilesCa Pietra Hamlet tumbled natural stone tilesCa Pietra Dorchester sandstone tumbledCa Pietra Cognac satino natural stone tileCa Pietra Celtic sandstone natural tilesCa Pietra Callacatta antique marble tiles
  • Ca Pietra Hamlet limestone etched stone tileCa Pietra Farley limestone natural tile Ca Pietra Hamlet tumbled etched natural stone tileCa Pietra Denham seasoned natural stone tilesCa Pietra Bruges marble honed tilesCa Pietra Beramo tumbled natural stoneblank spacerblank spacer
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