Ceramic tiles have become one of the most popular types of materials used in our homes but often homeowners don’t understand exactly what they are. Made of sand, clay and other natural products the tiles are moulded into shape and then fired in a kiln. The versatility of ceramic tiles is in the shapes and styles that can be created during this process as well as through glazing and decoration.

Suitable for all indoor areas ceramic tiles are available in countless size, colour and design combinations. Our collections are versatile and easier to install than continuous flooring and include series that reproduce the texture of cement, or are extremely ecological due to the extensive use of recycled materials.

  • Ted Baker tactile grey ceramic tilesPorcelanosa Shine titanio ceramic wall tilePorcelanosa Shine dark ceramic wall tiles Ca Pietra retro star pattern ceramic tilesPorcelanosa Seaude taupe ceramic feature tilesPorcelanosa Ona Madagascar beige feature tilesPorcelanosa Old white feature wall tilesPorcelanosa Madagascar blanco ceramic tiles
  • Porcelanosa Cubica silver ceramic wall tiles Ca Pietra vintage field tile Porcelanosa Cubica blanco ceramic tilesPorcelanosa Baltimore grey ceramic wall tilesPorcelanosa Baltimore grey ceramic wall tilesV&A William De Morgan cobalt nine square ceramic wall tile with barley twist feature stripPorcelanosa antique decor wall tilePorcelanosa antique decor wall tile
  • Ca Pietra orangery tilesCa Pietra orangery tilePorcelanosa Verona wall tile with Treasures Bronze Empera Moon mosaic and Butech chrome on brass trim Ca Pietra toynbee ceramic tilesblank spacer blank spacer blank spacer blank spacer
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