Whether you’re looking for toilet roll holders, bins, toothbrush caddies or towel rails, our range of BRISTAN and RED DOT accessories will complement your chosen bathroom style. The revolutionary Red Dot system has put an end to drilling as the accessories adhere to most surfaces and can be easily removed if necessary.

This is particularly good news if you’re mounting accessories on porcelain tiles which are notoriously hard to drill and prone to cracking or breaking.

  • Bristan towel holder oval Bristan toilet roll holder oval Bristan toilet roll holder square Bristan square hook Bristan soap dish sqaure Bristan shelf Bristan shelf square Bristan 1901 towel ring
  • Bristan N2 towel rail Bristan 1901 towel hook Bristan 1901 toothbursh holder Bristan 1901 soap dish Bristan glass oval Bristan glass holder square Bristan extendable mirror Bristan soap dish oval
  • Bristan towel ring square Bristan towel ring oval Bristan towel rail square Bristan towel hook oval Zendher silent shower fan chrome beze Zendher silent wall fan Zehnder silent wall fan with fascia options Bristan towel stack
  • Bristan corner basket Bristan basket blank spacer blank spacer blank spacer blank spacer blank spacer blank spacer